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Investissement Locatif protects
investors throughout the project.

Si vous deviez vous faire opérer du genou, vous rendriez-vous chez votre généraliste ou chez un chirurgien du genou qui effectue 300 opérations par an ?
We choose the specialist surgeon! a word from the president

    • the different stages
    • At every step, the right professional

      Of course, one person could take care of everything.
      But is she specialized in all trades?
      We strongly believe that each step of your project requires the best professional. This is how we exploit 100% the potential of your property. Consultants, property hunters, architects, interior decorators, rental and management specialists: we work as a team to make your project a success!

    • protecting our customers
    • Protecting our customers from the unexpected

      The size of our company as well as its leading status allows us to invest in the best tools on the market. Our processes are part of a continuous improvement process. Our teams are constantly trained to deliver the best.

    • we offer insurances
    • Specialist insurance

      We have very expensive insurances to offer you additional guarantees. Because real estate is often the investment of a lifetime, we propose to our customers to be "belt and strap".

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