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Toulouse is a growing city where rental demand is flourishing. Every year, more and more students come to Toulouse which only increases this demand. Moreover, prices are not yet very high. Toulouse is therefore a great place to invest and offers great opportunities for your rental income. 

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Are you about to embark on rental investment in Toulouse and are looking for good advice on how to invest intelligently in a growing city? Our experts are at your side in all your steps, so that your rental investment is an absolute success. If you are looking to buy a property in Toulouse, you will first need to think about a few essential questions before you start.

At the present time, the city of Toulouse has a booming, flowery and generous real estate market, in which you will quickly find the accommodation that suits your expectations. A city of excellence for students, renowned schools and university centres in high demand ensure maximum attendance in the megalopolis.

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We give you some keys that will guarantee your success, and make sure that our article will be a valuable mine of information for you, so that you invest in a home of undeniable quality, and that your bet will be a triumph.

Some economic leads for your real estate investment in Toulouse?

Your first job will consist of a meticulous search for information. All the essential questions must be carefully considered so that your launch is immediately successful: is the region a source of employment, and is it expected to remain so? What about transport? Is it easily accessible? Is it touristy? How is real estate in Toulouse? Make a list of all the questions that come to mind, and address them to our specialists, who will answer them as accurately as possible, so that the answers you get will help you clarify and specify a project that you know is relevant.

Be aware of the economic situation in the region. It would be unfortunate to choose to invest in a region in crisis, where unemployment is reaching enormous levels. Always assume that a successful investment is one where the tenant manages to pay his rent. You must therefore be sure that the economy is flourishing in the city you have chosen!

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Thus, when you turn to the city of Toulouse, you are opting for a city in which a large network has existed for several decades, and where growth is constantly on the rise. As a city served from all over France, it is very easy to get there, and all sectors of activity are in an enviable position. In addition, many companies are created there every year. The initiatives are countless, and quickly find stability and customers. This is a strong point for you who want to set up there! Here, your investment is made in a city where demographics are in constant evolution, and where supply and demand are constantly growing and becoming clearer.

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Do not make the mistake of investing in a city or a region that is gradually being emptied of its inhabitants. Indeed, the competition would be much less important and you would risk losing out, compared to the return on your property!

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Finally, it is essential to ask yourself what you can bring to young people. A good solution is to offer accommodation close to a large university or school with a brilliant reputation, while targeting in your offer young students or graduates who would like to live close to their school.

Toulouse and prestigious schools and universities of excellence

In addition to economic and demographic issues, by turning to Toulouse, you are choosing a city that ensures a profitable and permanent investment. Capital of the department of Haute-Garonne, in the Midi-Pyrénées region, its architecture is typical of the entire Midi region. You should also know that the city of Toulouse was voted "France's most dynamic city" in 2009, and in this sense, it greatly deserves your interest in investing in it, and be convinced to make a safe investment.

In addition to its economic activity and the city'sdemographic growth, the city of Toulouse shines by the quality and plurality of its courses, allowing nearly 112,000 students to find a curriculum that combines ambition and excellence.

With students from all over France and the world, the city welcomes in its schools and colleges young people who dream of succeeding and studying at the highest possible quality. Whether they are students at Toulouse 1 Capitole University, Paul-Sabatier University or the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, all these young people urgently need accommodation as soon as they arrive in Toulouse. You already know that most students are tenants, and that the demand for student housing in such a large city is enormous.

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Similarly, these students often have strong guarantors, on whom you can rely in all circumstances. Whether it's their parents or family members, it's a great advantage to know that, in the event of a hard blow, you'll always be able to get the rent they owe you. This is precisely why we recommend that you consider an investment that directly affects them, so that you can always be sure that you are on the right track. As a real estate investor in Toulouse, these are prerogatives where all precautions must be taken and put in place.

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Finally, get ahead of the students and their parents by carefully choosing the neighbourhoods in which to invest: when choosing accommodation, two geographical criteria must come into play. On the one hand, be practical by investing in a home close to a university or college. This will allow the student to save precious time when travelling and ensure that they spend as little time as possible on transport. You can also choose to invest in trendy neighbourhoods where young people like to spend time and party. These accommodations will be the best places to stay when the school year starts, and will allow you to choose the students you trust the most from among all the students who will be coming to the school. It's a future-oriented choice you're making, then! The cultural, tourist and geographical advantages are therefore to be taken very seriously!

Rental yield in Toulouse.

Think carefully about the question of the surface area to be rented and the yield. Small areas, such as a studio or a T2, will allow you to favour a high yield. On the other hand, we strongly advise you to turn to shared flats, if you have a larger surface area, in order to paint in a one-studio-2-rooms-or-a-larger surface area.html in order to achieve a more secure yield.

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First of all, the hypercentre is the neighbourhood in which housing is most in demand. At the top of the list are the Capitole and Saint-Georges districts, which are particularly popular. Next, you can choose the Carmes district, where the bustle of the city is gradually disappearing and becoming quieter and calmer.

Which apartment to choose in Toulouse?

For all questions relating to rental investment in Toulouse, please always refer to the rental investment in the Ile-de-France region. Indeed, the products concerned by a high return are always the same. Adapt your capacity according to your budget, and work out in advance which housing profile will best suit your expectations. For a studio, a T2 or a shared flat, these different types exist, and it is up to you to determine which one will suit you best!

Take advantage of a very accessible price per M2, so consider investing in more spacious units, and always keep in mind the profile of tenants you are looking for so you never go wrong. That's why you must have the geography of Toulouse in mind and know by heart the most potentially enviable corners of the city for a student.

Finally, consider the question of the layout of your accommodation, choose whether you want it furnished or unfurnished, so that the rent is higher, but also to benefit your tenant, who will probably prefer an already furnished, more practical accommodation. As a student, they are often led to change cities frequently, and you have every chance by offering immediately usual accommodation, where basic comfort is at their disposal. This is why we recommend renting a furnished apartment in Toulouse.

Calculate your rental profitability, an essential step in the investment process!

Where to invest in Toulouse and which districts to choose?

Despite its constant changes, the city of Toulouse is full of neighbourhoods which, for some, will always be more pleasant to live in than others. The housing in the hypercentre, which is proliferating at a glance, notably offers environmentally friendly, comfortable and elegantly simple housing, whose rental prices are very advantageous for young people.

At your disposal to advise you at any time of the year, our experts know at your fingertips the changes in all neighbourhoods and answer your questions so that you can find the accommodation best suited to your needs.

Price per m2 in Toulouse

Very attractive for you, it is currently estimated that the price per m² is between 2300 euros (for an apartment) and 2700 euros (for a house). Indeed, these are particularly attractive prices, compared to many large cities where the offer is very different.

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This point in particular is worth digging into, as Toulouse is a city with a particularly interesting yield!

Perspectives 2021 pour le marché immobilier toulousain

With growth forecasts still on the rise, the outlook for the Toulouse real estate market is really on the rise. This is why all our attention is focused on this city whose reputation is well established. In fact, if you are planning to invest in the near future, we are at your side until you get your property.

Our specialists are at your disposal throughout your acquisition, and will guide and advise you in your choices. Do not hesitate, as soon as your property is ready, to call on our services!

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