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Rental investment in the Paris Region offers great opportunities with high profitability. They often enjoy the influence of Paris, provided that they choose the right city in which to buy their rental property. Here's an overview.

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Are you looking for a rental investment in Paris Region because you believe in the dynamism of France's leading region? Do you want to benefit from the influence of the Paris real estate market, but with a rental yield that is more attractive than what is achievable in Paris in 2020? Discover our market analysis, to make the best possible decisions with your real estate projects in the Paris region.
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Obviously, the Ile de France is a particularly profitable and lucrative place for anyone wishing to invest there. Indeed, in addition to the fact that it is the capital, it is also a radiant megalopolis, where trade is immensely numerous. Similarly, it is an unrivalled university centre, with worldwide exchanges between students. In fact, deciding to invest here is a project that promises to be particularly fruitful.

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Real estate investment in Île de France: the keys to success

By choosing Île-de-France, you already meet a certain number of criteria that are essential when embarking on this adventure: you already know that it is a pool of jobs, that the region is in perpetual movement and that companies are continually opening up there. You also know that a depreciable investment is made in a region that generates movement and trade.

It would indeed be curious to invest in a region that is being emptied of all its inhabitants, with no businesses and no opportunity to attract young people or combative entrepreneurs. Why not conduct your own survey to see which Île-de-France cities generate the most excitement?

You know as well as we do that an investment that brings you regular and lasting returns can be considered a successful investment. If you do not choose the right geographical location, you would jeopardize this condition, which is the key to your ascent. Buying to rent in Île-de-France can therefore be particularly juicy. Now that we've seen the question of the number of people visiting the Île-de-France, let's look at the demographic issue. We know that by 2030, the Île-de-France region could be home to 45,000 to 75,000 additional households per year. As the increase in household numbers coincides perfectly with the rise in rental income, this element is crucial for you!

And that's without counting on the ever-growing student population, which every year is looking for a place to live and work for the start of the new school year. Schools and universities are opening all over the region, and thousands of young people need to live there for a year or more! By looking at this region, which is constantly growing and multiplying opportunities to study and work, you are committing yourself to a project that already promises to be particularly profitable!

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Paris Region, a university centre sought after by students from all over the world.

As the richest and most populated region in France, Ile-de-France consequently has the largest number of students. Obviously, it is an exceptional city whose courses of study are widely envied by young people from all over the world. Whether they have scientific or literary profiles, every year young people from all over the world seek to join courses offered by the university, Science Po, or the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, the Ecole du Louvre... Countless and with a richness that is no longer to be demonstrated, you will be able to choose for yourself which accommodation you will rent out to them.

What's more, it's an unparalleled trading region! Thousands of young people come here to do an ERASMUS year, or to do an exchange between universities... This feature is essential for anyone who would like to take advantage of the region to invest in Île-de-France real estate.

By leaning towards a student clientele, you multiply your chances of seeing your project succeed. Mostly tenants, students generally have very solid guarantors, which is a source of security for you. Also think clearly about the fact that smaller areas for rent represent a financial advantage for them, and ensure you a larger rental return! If you are about to invest in a larger surface area, you may also consider sharing a flat, which is very fashionable among young people and very much appreciated by them.

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Finally, it will be up to you to take the time to perfectly target the best spots in Île-de-France, so that students will jump on your ad first. Think about the geographical location: by choosing an accommodation close to a school or university, you allow the student who will occupy your accommodation to save precious time in these trips, a point that will obviously not go unnoticed when you place your ad. You also have the choice, by opting instead for a trendy area, full of bars, restaurants, pubs and concert halls, which will be very popular. In Paris, the 11th arrondissement, between Oberkampf, Ménilmontant and Bastille is a neighbourhood where student life is in full swing, day and night, and where young people like to go out all year round! Similarly, the Latin Quarter is always very popular, between the small local cinemas, small bookshops and restaurants designed for students' small budgets, just a stone's throw from the Sorbonne, everything is done to please the most literary!

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Ile-de-France rental yields: a real interest for investors

Admittedly, buying property in the Paris Region can be a little difficult. But it is profitable! With the capital's ever-increasing popularity as a student center, you can be sure that your rental will always find a buyer!

Apart from a few special cases, we generally advise against buying in certain districts that are too far away, such as the 16th arrondissement or part of the 15th arrondissement. However, it can be very advantageous to invest in towns on the immediate periphery, such as Saint-Ouen, Montreuil, Montrouge... The city of Montreuil in particular is famous for its student population, its clubs and its small bars. Similarly, the town of Maisons-Alfort is known for its typical and very pleasant neighbourhood life! Don't hesitate to inquire about all the nearby suburban towns, in order to find the best opportunity!

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What type of housing to invest in?

Keep in mind that a better yield is achieved with a smaller surface area, for example a studio or a T2. When you have a larger surface area, the return is better when the property is shared! Nowadays, students also prefer this type of cohabitation, for economic as well as personal reasons.

Indeed, the trend towards flat-sharing is on the rise, as young people appreciate this way of life between friends, which makes life easier for many: between shared household chores, parties in a large space, and the economic aspect, with a rent that melts away at a glance, all these advantages are considerable and that's why you might consider turning to flat-sharing in the Paris Region!

It is also up to you to choose whether you want to furnish your apartment or not! However, be aware that the regime will not be the same, depending on the property you put on the market! Of course, we advise you to think seriously about renting a furnished property, because you will make life much easier for a student who does not have his own furniture, and will thus put all your chances on your side so that your rental will be spotted more quickly! A furnished investment in Île-de-France does not fall into the same property category as a completely empty property! Be careful about this, so that you don't accidentally get into trouble with the law.

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The best districts to invest in Paris

In addition to the 11th and 5th arrondissements of Paris, other districts are seeing their populations explode. Some of them are undergoing major renovations, and will gain in value over the years, for a forecast of 5 to 10 years. For example, the 19th arrondissement is currently under construction, and offers completely new apartments for rent, in beautiful and charming buildings. This is also the case for the 13th arrondissement which, in the space of 5 years, has been completely transformed. From now on, the idea of a great Paris allows this district to extend to the cities of Vitry and Ivry, without any real distinction between all these cities. As for the 17th arrondissement, it also has a good number of small squares reminiscent of small country towns, its cobbled streets, trendy bars and other restaurants.

Always make sure you choose accommodation close to a metro station, and if possible a line that can serve Paris in just a few minutes.

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What are the places to avoid in the Paris region?

Some cities, too far away geographically, are really not interesting for your project. Avoid choosing a city that is too far away, where nothing would justify living there, too far from the RER station, whose city centre would not be attractive... In Paris, some districts are not at all sought after by young people, such as the 8th arrondissement, but also a good part of the 15th, or districts that are absolutely unaffordable, such as the 16th.

It's up to you to make the survey that will lead to the most interesting result, to make your ad really appealing and appetizing, to make sure that you will always have someone to put in your home!

Real estate prices and outlook in IDF

With around 10,000 sq.m., it's true that investing in the Paris Region must be thought through carefully and with a lot of enthusiasm on your part. It's an ambitious project, of course, because the price per sq.m. in Île-de-France is not to be taken lightly, but it will always be profitable, as life in the metropolis is so much desired by young people. Whether it's the geographical location, your personal ambition, there will always be something to study, to set up a business in this city, and it's an opportunity to be seriously considered.

In any case, your project requires meticulous support to be successful!

With prices continuing to rise, Paris Region remains a safe place to invest for a serious capital gain, for better rental profitability in Paris Region. That's why we strongly advise you to contact our experts, so that they, respectful of your project and your values, can guide you in your choices and your desires throughout the acquisition of your property.

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