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Reims is a French commune located in the department of Marne in the Grand Est region of France. Thanks to its student and working population, its university centres and its varied network of companies, the city is constantly developing and evolving, making it an ideal location for rental investment. With a population of around 187,900 inhabitants, Reims is the 12th most populous city in France, just behind Le Havre (Normandy) and ahead of Rennes (Brittany).

You wish to buy to invest? Reims is an option to consider in order to have a good rental return on a property investment. What do you need to know about this city? Which districts of Reims should you choose for a rental purchase? Which districts of Reims should be avoided? What is the average price per m2 in Reims? How is the real estate market doing? What to buy in Reims according to rental demand? What rental profitability can be expected depending on the Reims district chosen? Let's take stock of the situation.

Rental investment Reims: analysis of the real estate market

In Reims, the real estate market is doing well and the most populous city in the Marne is seeing a sharp rise in the prices of its older apartments (+5.8% in 12 months in February 2018, SeLoger). Although real estate is not an exact science, it is highly likely that the trend will only get better. Now is the time to invest in rental property in old buildings!

Reims, a city with great potential

Also known as the "city of the sacres" or the "city of kings", the city of Reims has a prestigious and unique history and heritage. On a cultural level, Reims is an ancient and medieval city which enjoys a heritage and a great architectural richness. Moreover, several of its buildings are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Tau Palace and the former Saint-Rémi Abbey.

The inhabitants benefit from seven media libraries, an opera house, a music conservatory, cinemas and a theatre, not to mention the many bars, cafés and discos that enliven the city all year round! During the summer season, the City of the Kings brings together music lovers of all kinds by offering them numerous festivals and other events. Finally, one cannot present Reims without mentioning its delicious AOC champagne, of which more than 300 million bottles are sold every year.

Reims: a city looking to the future

In addition to a strong economic dynamism and a geographical location close to Paris, Reims is a city in perpetual movement and turned towards the future. It has, for example, chosen eco-responsible construction through a project called "Rema'vert". Completely redesigned, the former industrial site in the north-east of the city is currently benefiting from a unique urban renewal and a desire to create a comfortable and responsible living environment, a district where it is good to live, with spaces equipped with facilities, local shops and services.

The city centre of Reims is also currently the subject of a project called "le Grand Centre". This consists of extending the heart of the city to the "Promenades/Boulingrin" sector and renovating the Les Halles district. Its aim is to revitalise the local economic fabric, to embellish the living environment and to offer everyone the opportunity to reappropriate public space. By 2020, these various centres will therefore be given a new look and will house, among other things, a sports complex, new offices and housing.

In terms of innovation, Reims is the home of other ongoing projects, such as "Reims 2020". The aim of this project is to group together the Courlancy and Saint-André clinics as well as high-tech laboratories, a health centre and leisure facilities on a single site close to transport links (TGV station and southern motorway exit).

Investing in Reims: choose proximity to Paris and take advantage of low prices!

The city of Reims is ideally located close to Paris while allowing investors and tenants to take advantage of relatively low prices compared to other French cities.

Proximity to Paris: an essential asset

Located about 150 kms from Paris, Reims has many assets, starting with its TGV station. This offers the possibility of getting to the French capital in only 45 minutes rather than 2 hours by car: a great advantage for active people who wish to maintain a real proximity to the capital!

This strategic position close to Paris also allows professionals working there to find a calmer and more peaceful environment when they return home.

Reims: a rich and extensive public transport network

As far as public transport is concerned, the city is very well served with 18 bus lines and a tramway (23 stations) that connect all the districts and shopping centres of the city.

 Price per square metre in Reims: what surface area to invest in?

Real estate prices in Reims have remained relatively stable over the last 10 years, although a slight increase has been noted. Average prices per square meter are €2,171 per m2 for a house and €2,154 per m2 for an apartment (source: PAP).

Most of the rental demand is driven by small surface areas, for which Reims rents are around €400 per month (€11/m2 according to SeLoger, August 2019). On these properties, there is little risk of rental vacancies (no more than 1 month per year). The population of Rémoise is varied: there are families, young working people and students. Rental yields in Reims are contrasted but generally good.

The financial profitability of a dwelling varies according to its location in Reims, with an average rental profitability of 6.93% (source: By being close to the city centre and by betting on the presence of transport and schools, investors can expect a higher gross return (around 10%). 

The 5 districts where to invest in Reims

When investing in rental property, the location of the property is a determining criterion for your future tenants, your own rental profitability but also to offer you the possibility of being able to easily resell it afterwards. Here are the 5 best areas of Reims to invest in the medium/long term.

Downtown Reims

The residential area in the city centre has some of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the city and is particularly attractive. It attracts many tourists every year and is one of the main attractions, thanks in particular to the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The presence of schools, museums and theatres brings additional elegance and credibility to this very urban district.

The city centre of Reims is particularly in demand by students and young working people, which makes this district, which is served by various bus and tramway lines, very dynamic. Property prices remain stable: between €2,000 and €3,400 per sq.m. depending on the quality of the property.

The Jean-Jaurès district

The Jean-Jaurès district is further east. It offers the advantage of being a peaceful and residential area and is ideal for residents wishing to live close to the heart of the city, while enjoying more peace and quiet. Jean-Jaurès, with its many schools and planned construction projects, is a neighbourhood that is particularly in the making.

For an apartment, the price per m2 varies between 1,500€ and 2,900€, the average is around 2,160€. For houses, the price per m2 is estimated at between €1,340 and €2,630, with an average of around €2,000. 

The Clémenceau district

The Clémenceau district, close to the public gardens, is located in the south-east of Reims. It is a peaceful neighborhood with many local shops and green spaces.

For an apartment, the price per square metre is affordable and ranges between 1,470€ and 2,995€ (with an average price of around 2,200€). For a house, the price per square metre is between 1,420€ and 2,885€, with an average price of 2,100€.

The Harvest district

If the district of Les Moissons is one of the richest of the city with large houses and beautiful luxury buildings, it is not for all that the most expensive. Indeed, property prices range from €1,550 to €3,500 per m2, with an average of around €2,400.

In terms of layout and accessibility, bus lines make it easy to get around and easily reach the town centre if necessary.

 The Saint-Rémi district

Finally, the Saint-Rémi district has some significant assets. First of all, the increase in the number of students has impacted this area close to the city centre, which should lead to an increase in rental demand.

After being destroyed in the 1950s, it was renovated in the 1960s and now has modern apartments. The price per m2 of an apartment is between 1,400€ and 2,400€, with an average of 1,880€. If you are interested in houses, prices range from 1,600€ to 2,700€ with an average of 2,135€.

The 29thth student city in France!

The city of Reims is also an important university centre with more than 35,000 students every year: a positive point in a perspective of real estate investment in Reims. Indeed, according to the magazine l'Étudiant, Reims ranks 29th in the list of student cities in France. There are several Grandes Ecoles and other higher education institutions such as NEOMA Business School, the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, SUPINFO International University, Sciences Po, Centrale, etc.

Moreover, according to an Orpi ranking, Reims even ranks in the "Top 3 student cities where it is good to invest", alongside Lille and Rouen. Investing in student accommodation in Reims guarantees you security and profitability, all the more so if you rent it furnished in order to benefit from the advantages of the LMNP scheme. Indeed, the LMNP scheme allows you to become the owner of a furnished property by receiving rental income. It therefore offers significant tax optimisation for investors in furnished rentals in Reims.

Rental profitability in Reims: intelligent real estate investment!

Reims has the advantage of attracting more and more investors because of its modernity and its tourist and cultural characteristics. The city has more and more young executives and couples who choose to live in the provinces without losing sight of the capital.

On the student side, the multiplication of schools and the presence of prestigious institutes reinforces the student rental demand, which is in fact an intelligent real estate investment for the future. With stable prices and an affordable average ticket, Reims is a perfect rental investment opportunity for which future prospects are good!

Perspective of the real estate market in Reims

As you will have understood, Reims is a dynamic and accessible city, which offers great opportunities to buyers and investors because of its urban renewal and the accessibility of its prices compared to other major French cities. To invest, the coming year is ideal, all the more so as banks are currently offering buyers interesting loans.

You are decided to invest in real estate in Reims and would like information on real estate prices in Reims? Our real estate team in Reims offers you a wide range of properties to best meet your projects and objectives, as well as sound advice. Contact us if you would like to know more!


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