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Rennes is not necessarily the city you first think of when you buy a property to rent. And yet, it offers several advantages and makes it a prime location in which to invest.

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Investing in Rennes means choosing a property investment in one of the most beautiful French cities, which has been ranked the best city in terms of quality of life. It is also a very attractive city with a real economic dynamism.

The standard of living is an important factor when you want to invest in a city like Rennes.

However, it should be noted that although this sector is attractive, the Rennes real estate market remains quite specific. It is therefore necessary to study it carefully, as Rennes has its own specific characteristics.
In order to make your rental investment in Rennes as profitable as possible, there are a few points that you need to study carefully.

First of all, it is necessary to know Rennes, its demography, the quality of life, the standing of the infrastructures in order to evaluate the economic potential of this city.
Then, you need to be able to evaluate the demographic and academic flows in order to set up an efficient and reliable long-term strategy. Then evaluate the demand for rental properties as well as the offers in the sector in order to better position oneself on the market.
Also study the specificities of the market to be able to make the best rental investment choices at the best time. You must also have a precise idea of the different prices in the sector, which will allow you to accurately evaluate the financial investment that it will cost.
The outlook of the Rennes property market is also important to know before you start investing in property in Rennes.

The dynamism of Rennes: economy, student life and culture

Rennes is one of the most attractive, beautiful and dynamic cities in France. It is the capital of Brittany and the second largest city on the northwest. It is also one of the many jewels of the French economy, it also has a very long and fascinating secular history illustrated by numerous tourist sites.

In addition to its economic dynamism and cultural richness, which are assets for real estate investments in Rennes, it is also one of the best known student cities in France.

These numerous assets have earned it a very constant and regular demographic flow marked by the thousands of visitors it receives each year. The economic fabric of the city has led to the presence of thousands of companies of various sizes as well as some of the most efficient infrastructures and means of transport in France.

Rennes: a great university city

As we have pointed out, Rennes has the particularity of hosting various and varied academic institutions within its walls. This makes it one of the best university cities in France. Indeed, the number of students has been growing for many years. It is now estimated at around 67 000 students. This is excellent news for real estate investments in Rennes.
The Breton metropolis has a fairly large number of prestigious training schools, which explains this growth. The city is therefore ranked national champion in terms of training. According to a study published at the end of 2019, Rennes is ranked 4th best student city in France for the 2019/2020 academic year.

With two major universities and 17 Grandes Ecoles spread over 4 campuses, Rennes is the city in France where it is good to innovate. The Breton metropolis lives to the rhythm of its tens of thousands of students, who represent about a quarter of the city's population. These students are often looking for small areas to live on their own or for shared flats to divide the costs.

Rennes: a flourishing property market

On the strength of all these observations, it is important to point out that Rennes is one of the few cities in France which, despite an average population, is attractive in terms of real estate. With yields of between 4.8% and 7.5%, the city offers a real opportunity for real estate investments in Rennes with significant profits.
Demand being the driving force behind any business opportunity, rental investment is a sure value. A rental investment in the capital of Brittany is therefore low-risk and allows you to benefit from property income by building up your assets. The city benefits from numerous tax exemptions in this area, which has the effect of increasing real estate profitability.

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Rennes: a coherent choice for the real estate investor

The Rennes real estate market has a good demand for rentals throughout the year, as the standard of living is more than decent and rental prices are very attractive. The market is dynamic, properties can be bought and sold easily, and the Breton capital has many assets that make it an essential city for rental investment to create additional income.
Indeed, thousands of students take advantage of its renowned universities and its many training centres to train. Rennes is home to many national companies, making it a renowned economic and financial centre in France.

The specificities of the Rennes real estate market

The Rennes real estate market compared to the rest of the country is a competitive market, especially in terms of quality. However, for the many reasons mentioned above, this market is characterized by a reasonable demand.
Thus most real estate projects are of very good quality, which explains the continuous growth of demand in relation to supply. The ratio between housing quality and rent is excellent, which favours the very strong attractiveness of the real estate market in Rennes.

Rennes: constant economic dynamism

The strong point of this city is its economic dynamism, it is one of the most dynamic in France. It ranks 10th in the country, with an economic basin that concentrates around 300 000 jobs, and the unemployment rate is less than 10%.
Two thirds of these jobs are related to the service sector, the Breton metropolis has about 30 000 companies. With 3 professional sports clubs and more than 50 000 licensees, it is also a city that lives to the rhythm of sports and leisure activities, particularly at the Rennes stadium.
In terms of transport infrastructure, irrigated by a metro line, the city has the best in terms of transport. Indeed, mobility is far from being a problem in this city, which is the best in terms of respect for the environment and third in terms of population growth. In March 2019, the population exceeded 220,000 inhabitants. This makes it an unusually dynamic city, ideal for rental investments.

The square meter in Rennes

The price per square meter in Rennes depends on the neighborhood as everywhere else, prices have been constantly changing since the real estate crisis resumed in 2009. Prices have risen by 4%, however, it should be noted that Rennes is a municipality where the attractiveness is increasingly strong, which explains the slightly above-average prices.
In 2018, prices averaged between 2 600 euros for old and 3 900 for new, although these prices vary according to the districts of the city and of course the type of accommodation you choose to have. For apartments, the average price is 2 900 euros compared to 1 790 euros in the more remote areas and 4 370 euros in the uptown areas.

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The cost of a rental investment in Rennes

The proposals for real estate are at 100 000 euros minimum, for this budget we can have a totally renovated, optimized, decorated apartment and therefore propose a furnished rental.
Many tax exemption procedures are offered, one understands why the market is so dynamic and above all very fluid. Investing in furnished rental property also allows you to benefit from a tax advantage and is more advantageous than investing with the pinel system.

Places to invest in Rennes

In all real estate markets, investors are tempted by two choices, either to favour the patrimonial aspect or to opt for an area where the rental yield is high. This choice therefore depends on the financial situation, the investment horizon, the objective and finally the expectations of each investor.
We have a team of property hunters specialised in the field of research and being present in Rennes. Thanks to a proven experience in the Rennes real estate sector and an excellent knowledge of the market, we find the best real estate investments in Rennes.
Whatever your rental investment objectives are, you will have areas that correspond to the tenants. Indeed, each district has its specificities. Living environment, shopping, public transport are all important criteria to master, in order to make the best possible choice.
The safe market values are the districts in the centre of Rennes. Here are a few districts to be favoured:

  • The Villejean-Beauregard district for the highest possible profitability;
  • The South Station district for promising investments;
  • The Beaulieu district in Rennes and Bruz for student rentals;
  • West End neighborhoods for active youth.

It is important to note that, whatever the area, we will enable you to obtain a high return thanks to our tailor-made and high quality services.

Types of real estate investment in Rennes

The Rennes real estate market is certainly profitable, but the fact remains that to succeed in your real estate investments in Rennes, you must choose the right property. This is the property that has a high return with excellent liquidity on resale.
In this case, investing in apartments for rent is a very good option because, for the same benefit, they are more profitable than houses. Always keep in mind that we are in a very young city therefore, it is important to choose a rental investment that suits them.
For an interesting rental yield, do not hesitate to consult us, our expertise will be beneficial to you. According to your budget the apartments have a better rental yield in Rennes, whatever the choice you make, remember that it must correspond to your primary target which is the type of tenant you want as a customer.

The level of profitability of rental investments

You should know that the minimum amount to invest (entrance ticket) to become a property owner in Rennes is about 100 000 euros all costs included. The capital of Brittany has enormous assets that make it an excellent city for rental investments.

Rent control in Rennes

Rennes not being located in the famous " zone tendue " (area of difficulty in accessing housing), the rules for setting rents are not very restrictive. The rent depends on supply and demand. So you can set the rent of your accommodation according to the trends of the Rennes real estate market or you can entrust the rental management to our team.

The outlook for the Rennes real estate market

property prices reindeerA study of the Rennes real estate market has enabled us to make the following observations regarding the outlook for 2020. Firstly, the city is in full economic effervescence which is rather good news for investors.
The city is also undergoing a transformation, there is indeed a TGV project to be carried out. Real estate being a sensitive market for certain investments such as transport, this project will certainly improve the health of the Rennes real estate market by 2020.
It is therefore noticeable that for the city centre of the Breton metropolis, the real estate prices being already very high could even increase. However, it must be pointed out that the problem of real estate in Rennes remains the old one, although solicited by the tenants their outdated is a brake on the increase of their prices in the real estate investments in Rennes.

On a practical level, we help several of our clients to carry out real estate investments in Rennes on their behalf, from research to commercial operation. We have thus renovated, optimized, decorated, furnished and transformed all types of housing with efficiency.
Your transformation and management objectives will be taken into account in a professional manner, if necessary we will advise you on highly efficient methods. Your performance objectives will be fully met thanks to our knowledge of the market. Thus you will be entitled to the best return on the Rennes real estate market with a highly liquid property.

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