Rental investment in Metz: opting for profitability

Metz is a student city with a thriving economy, allowing investors to ensure an interesting profitability with a relatively low price per m².

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Metz investment

Metz is one of the cities in France that surprises by the beauty of its landscape and the quality of its infrastructures. It is a very dynamic city that hides a hard-working population. Many assets make this magnificent city a place to invest in a rental real estate project.

It is a university city that is home to a good number of universities and institutes, which boosts the economic dynamism of this city that aims to be futuristic. It is also a tourist city which, thanks to its idyllic landscape and sumptuous gardens, continues to attract tourists from all over the world.

Metz therefore enjoys a very attractive real estate market due to its many opportunities, its flourishing economy and its attractive real estate market. The specific features of the real estate market in Metz and the price per m² make it a logical rental investment choice offering every guarantee of real estate success.

Metz: a dynamic city

One of the characteristics of the city of Metz is the dynamism of its demography, in fact, this city shines by a cultural mix that is unusual in France. Indeed, its strategic position makes it a crossroads of culture that animates the city night and day. 

The social climate there is very peaceful, which opens the way to consistent economic activity. In Metz, there is plenty to do, given that the city is an employment hub. All these assets make it an ideal city for if you want to invest in real estate.

Metz: a university city

Metz is also a very homogenous student city, as students who study here come from all over France, Europe and the world. This cultural diversity arises from these different educational centres and allows the city to open up to a certain extent to a galloping modernism. Indeed, the city wants to be futuristic and multiplies actions in this direction.

real estate investment metzThe student population represents about 12% of the population.It may seem small to you, but considering the city's population it's an a real guarantee in terms of demand for rental property. Moreover, its strategic position bordering European countries generates a demographic flow that a real estate investor cannot neglect.

The city of Metz has three university centres, namely:

  • Saulcy Island
  • the Bridoux campus
  • the technopole

A true witness of the city's dynamism, they offer a good opportunity for good financial profitability.

Metz: an interesting real estate market

Beyond the tourist and university aspect, the real estate market in Messin offers many other advantages from an economic point of view.

We presented Metz as a cross-border city, which implies a certain economic dynamism. The city is therefore an economic hub that enjoys a diversity that is unusual for cities of this size. It is also a member of Quattropole, a cross-border network promoting interurban cooperation.

The very attractive business climate enables Metz to remain a city with strong rental potential and a sustained demand for rental properties. 

The specificities of the Metz property market

Like all cities in France, Metz has a real estate market with specific features that you need to be aware of in order to make the most of your rental investment. The specificities of the market are quite numerous:

  • The distribution of dwellings by size is favourable to the investment locatif ;
  • The living environment as well as the standard of living are attrayants ;
  • The distribution of dwellings shows that about 64% of the dwellings are rented and only 36% are owned by their propriétaire ;
  • 47% of the population is active compared to only 5.8% of inactif ;
  • The rental profitability is attractive (between 6% and 7%).

Metz: a thriving economy

As we have explained to you, the city of Metz is a cross-border exchange zone that benefits from inter-city exchanges. It has therefore seen the blossoming of a myriad of companies specialising in various fields of economic activity.

The economic situation of the city is very turbulent with a level of trade supported by tourism. From day to day, it is changing according to the business opportunities it offers.

A rental investment is an excellent opportunity: the demographic flow born of this economic dynamism is of paramount importance with regard to the expected level of gross profitability. As the economy is a key factor in the property market, the growth recorded by the city of Metz in recent years is an excellent guarantee of return.

The square meter in Metz

The price per square metre depends on certain criteria such as :

  • The location of bien ;
  • the guy from bien ;
  • the status of bien ;

As far as the city of Metz is concerned, it should be noted that the average price per square metre is 1 800 euros/m².

Real estate prices in Metz are in striking contrast and relatively extreme, with the most attractive districts seeing the price per square metre reaching 2 000 or even 2 500 euros/m² for old buildings. On the other hand, we advise you to invest at 1 400 per square metre, as this is where the investment becomes profitable. 

For the less busy areas, prices are very low due to a lack of interesting demand. These are therefore areas to be avoided, the only advantage they offer is the relatively low price of the property tax.

The cost of a rental investment in Metz

The cost of real estate investment in Metz is one of the city'sgreat real estate advantages, it is relatively affordable and of good quality. Indeed, the city is one of the most renowned in the country for this reason, the population is young. Studios are therefore a real gold mine that is immediately available, especially in the city centre. 

Places to invest in Metz

invest in MetzAs in every city the real estate market has areas with safe values and areas much less interesting from the point of view of rental profitability. You need to know these areas to make a good investment, your economic prosperity depends on it.

You must choose the neighbourhoods located in the hypercentre which are by far the most sought-after, their pleasant living environment enhanced by good accessibility and better security is a major asset. These are neighbourhoods strategically located in the heart of and close to everything (shops, schools, public transport, pharmacies, hospitals).

Types of real estate investment in Metz

It is clear from all that we have explained above that the specificities of a market must be perfectly known before any action is taken on an investment project. 

To ensure good property profitability in the city of Metz, you should invest in rental property. A particular preference will be given to studios or shared flats, as they are far more profitable than the rest.

The level of profitability of rental investments

Therental investment enjoys a good return, it is between 6 and 8%. Some investments can reach 10% return, making Metz an ideal city for rental investments. By buying an apartment for rent, you benefit from the lmnp (Loueur Meublé Non Professionnel) status. To obtain this rental status, you must offer furnished accommodation. You can thus benefit from a 50% reduction in charges by registering for the micro bic scheme. 

For apartments dedicated to students, we advise you to delegate the rental management, this will save you time and avoid all the steps of searching for tenants, inventory of fixtures etc...

The outlook for the real estate market 

The outlook for the real estate market in the coming years is generally good. The city is undergoing major changes, so the development of the city will be an asset for the future.

In addition, the technopole will double in size within 10 years, which is very good news for the city's economy and therefore for the rental investments that will follow.

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  • Mickael Zonta
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A graduate of a major business school, and after a first successful experience in finance, Mickael Zonta began his career in real estate in 2011 in Paris before extending his activity to the Paris region and the city of Lyon. The fact that he is also a real estate investor in a personal capacity allows him to understand clients' issues in terms of investment objectives, rental yield and choice of tax regimes.

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