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our values

Changing the view of property investment

Simplifying all the steps
for rental investors

  • simplify procedures

    Simplify all the procedures
    for rental investors

    • Provide access to professionals for
      each stage of the project
    • Manage any unforeseen events
    • Allow for a ½ day investment of
      time in aggregate
  • access to rental investment

    Enabling access to
    profitable rental investment

    • Optimise performance with professional management at every stage
    • To benefit from an actor with a global vision
      of the project (from research
      to management)
    • Optimising rental yields.

Investors at Investissement Locatif
participate in the renovation of the housing stock

  • creation of new housing

    Creation of new housing
    with quality services

    • Re-marketing of formerly empty or dilapidated
    • Quality service and strong equipment
      of the accommodation
    • Beneficial effects for housing on
      of tight markets.
  • good quality housing

    High quality accommodation
    and well equipped

    • We believe in quality, we offer
      homes with high added value.
    • Each dwelling is a story
      of life for the future inhabitants.
    • Our investors are our Investors
      Heroes, these beautiful life stories
      become possible thanks to them!

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