Real estate investment in Nancy, the choice of a student city

Nancy is a very attractive city with a thriving economy. Real estate investments in Nancy are interesting projects given the city's standard of living and the number of students.

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For your rental investment in Nancy to be a success, you must rigorously study a few criteria. You must analyse the city, know its demographics, quality of life, infrastructures... and thus evaluate its economic potential.

Then, the dynamism of the city, tourists, students, cultural events... must be evaluated in order to set up an efficient and reliable strategy on the long term. Thus, evaluating the demand for rental property in Nancy and the offers in the sector are essential to position oneself on the market.

Having a precise idea of the different prices in the sector and the market outlook is also an additional asset for your success.

Nancy: a city with a special dynamic

Nancy is one of the most attractive and economically dynamic cities in France.

In addition to its economic dynamism and cultural richness, it is also one of the main university towns in the region.

These numerous assets have earned it a constant and regular demographic dynamism punctuated by a flow of thousands of visitors that it welcomes during the year. The city's economic fabric is characterised by a vast network of companies of various sizes as well as highly efficient infrastructures and means of transport.

Nancy: a university town

Nancy is one of the main university cities in the French Grand East, it is home to a variety of university institutions. Indeed, the number of students has been growing steadily for many years, especially with the ARTEM project bringing together 3 emblematic grandes écoles on 10 hectares in the city centre.

The city of Nancy has a significant number of prestigious training schools, which is what explains the ARTEM project. The city is therefore a real training place with many post-baccalaureate schools as well as a myriad of higher education schools.

This city is indeed the ideal place to study, many engineering schools (Ecole des Mines), medical and pharmaceutical faculties, and management schools populate the arteries of Nancy. The city lives to the rhythm of its tens of thousands of students from all over France and the world.

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Nancy: an interesting real estate market

With regard to all of the above, it is important to point out that the population of Nancy is fairly well-off, although with a slightly high unemployment rate. It is one of the few French cities that enjoys an attractive real estate situation with slightly high prices. The rental yield is between 4% and 7% depending on the districts of the city.  

The demand for renting is quite good considering its size, so rental investment is a relatively safe value

Nancy: a logical choice

For many reasons, Nancy is a coherent rental investment choice, as the real estate market there enjoys a high rental demand. With a relatively high standard of living and attractive rental prices, a rental investment property project in Nancy has every chance of prospering.

Thousands of students and tourists enjoy this benevolent and peaceful city with its mild climate. A relatively prosperous and reliable economy has developed because the city has been able to keep its debt under control.

The specificities of the Nancy real estate market

Nancy's real estate market compared to the rest of the country is competitive and reliable. Demand for real estate is good, given the demographics of the city.

Most real estate projects are accessible at a low cost, the entrance ticket is affordable and the demand for rent is high.

The ratio of housing quality/rental price is therefore a little high, which explains the attractiveness of Nancy's real estate market.

Nancy: a thriving economy

Nancy has a good network of companies of all sizes, and the city is home to one of the most important health centres in France. As a result, it has a very interesting economic dynamism, which justifies its relatively high standard of living for a city of this size.

It is also an economic basin that concentrates several hundred thousand jobs with an unemployment rate of around 10%. With these thousands of companies, it therefore benefits from a good economic climate.

The city is also a real sports ground with a professional football club, sports complexes and numerous gymnasiums spread throughout the city. Thousands of licensees practice daily in preparation for national and international competitions.

Nancy is irrigated by very powerful and efficient transport infrastructures, mobility is far from being a problem in this city which has the ambition to become the biggest thermal city of France. 

The square meter in Nancy

As everywhere else, the price per square metre in Nancy depends on certain criteria:

  • the geographical location of quartier ;
  • the guy from bien ;
  • the condition of the property.

The average price per square metre is estimated at 1954 euros, the good standard of living and the attractiveness of its economy explain this slightly higher than average price.

There are a lot of old houses in the city, vestiges of its history these buildings are not for all that bad condition. Consequently, prices vary according to the sector, for the less popular district the prices are obviously very affordable (1000 euros/m²). In certain sectors that could be described as intermediate, prices range from 1 800 to 2 100 euros/m².

The most sought-after areas have property prices that reach 2 400 euros/m², for the VIP areas, i.e. the most sought-after areas, there are very few offers and the few you find will go away very quickly. However, in these areas, which are in high demand due to their strategic position and the quality of the properties there, the price per m² reaches 2 700 euros. The price per square metre in Nancy is therefore very variable.

The cost of a rental investment in Nancy

For rental investment, prices are at 60 000 euros minimum, for this budget you can have a one room apartment completely refurbished. For the acquisition of a house, you should count about 200 000 euros and two to three times more depending on the neighborhood.

Of course, these prices depend on the type and quality of the house you wish to buy. Many real estate programs wanted by the city authorities will facilitate real estate transactions to boost the real estate market in Nancy.

Investing in real estate in Nancy

Places to invest in Nancy

Whether you want to consolidate your real estate assets or achieve a high rental yield, it all depends on your expectations (financial situation, investment horizon, objective).

Our specialized real estate agents with proven experience in the real estate sector in Nancy will find profitable projects for you. Thanks to their excellent knowledge of the market, they will have no trouble satisfying you and will find the best opportunities for you.

Your rental investment objectives will be rigorously analysed for implementation, each neighbourhood having its specificities (living environment, public transport, shops) we will make the best possible choice for you. Here are some of the best values on the Nancy property market:

  • Boudonville
  • Faubourg des 3 maisons
  • Old town/Leopold course/stanislas

Types of real estate investment in Nancy

The real estate market in Nancy is certainly profitable, but to make a success of your real estate investment, you have to choose the right project. This is the high yield property with excellent liquidity on resale.

Investing in apartments for rent is a good idea given the market, they are more profitable than houses for the same performance. To make a successful rental investment in Nancy, it is important to choose a rental project that corresponds to the market.

To increase your rental yield do not hesitate to consult us according to your budget the choice you make must correspond to your primary target (the type of tenant chosen).

The level of profitability of rental investments

The minimum amount to invest to become an owner of a property in Nancy is about 80 000 euros all expenses included, the city has a good potential for rental investments.

Two thirds of the population is young and very dynamic, 21% students, 3.7% inactive, affordable property tax, low co-ownership charges, 67.5% renters and 32.5% owners. All this data shows that the city has a strong rental potential that you must exploit. 

With a rental profitability of between 4 and 8%, we can say that a reliable real estate market awaits your rental investment in Nancy. Place your trust in us and we guarantee you a rental return of up to 8%.

The outlook for the real estate market 

A study of the Nancy real estate market for the prospects for 2019 shows that many ambitious and innovative projects will be launched in the coming months. International competitions such as the Olympic Games are already having an impact on the improvement of infrastructures.

The project of thermal city of France will have a strong impact on the tourist demography of the city. What augurs a strong rental demand for the next years, the price of the m² should thus increase significantly. 

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A graduate of a major business school, and after a first successful experience in finance, Mickael Zonta began his career in real estate in 2011 in Paris before extending his activity to the Paris region and the city of Lyon. The fact that he is also a real estate investor in a personal capacity allows him to understand clients' issues in terms of investment objectives, rental yield and choice of tax regimes.

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