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Calculer taux endettement locatif

Le taux d'endettement locatif désigne le poids de vos charges sur votre budget mensuel. Il permet à un établissement prêteur de vérifier vot...

Real estate loan: financing your rental investment

You want to invest in real estate but do not have enough money available to buy a property? You need to turn to the right...

Expatriate real estate credit

Borrowing to invest in France when you are a non-resident is possible. Discover the specificities of non-resident status, and...

Rental investment: using a broker

Why use a broker for your real estate loan? Find out in this article.

Discover the guide for

Un investissement locatif rentable en 2023

Real estate leverage

You hear investors talking about the magic of leverage. But you don't know what it's all about or how to use the most...

The mistake that will kill your profitability

I'll tell you the fatal mistake that will kill your profitability if you don't realize it, and it's a mistake that more than 90% of people make...