Investment Simulators

The investment simulation is the first step in your property project. It will allow you to know your investment capacity and to master the different financial data of the project. Credit financing is the royal road: you buy a property with someone else's money (the bank) which you pay back with the money of a third party (the tenant).

  • Simulate a rental yield with profitability calculation

    Why calculate the rental yield of a property? What is the rental yield? The rental yield of a property is the index that enables the profitability of a rental property to be evaluated: it takes into account the ratio between the total amount invested and the sums that it enables to be earned, and determines whether it is a profitable purchase or not. To determine whether or not it is a profitable purchase, the simulator calculates the proportion between what has been invested (purchase price, notary fees, bank interest, furnishings, work) and what is received (rent) in order to determine the return on investment.

    The formula is as follows: Rental return = monthly rent (x12) / total investment

    Fill in the data for your rental purchase and find out what your rental return is.

  • Simulez votre crédit locatif grâce au simulateur de prêt immobilier adapté à 2024

    Take the optimal monthly payment for your budget as a starting point and find out immediately how much you can borrow. Useful for estimating your investment capacity.
    Enter your rental purchase data and find out what your rental return is.

  • Calculation of monthly payments

    Find out the monthly payment for the loan you want to take out. The detailed result (share of loan insurance, total cost of credit, etc.) is enriched with graphic simulations allowing you to visualise the impact of the duration of the loan on the monthly loan instalments.

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