Paris 19

Furnished and optimised one bedroom flat in Paris

Our client wanted to invest in turnkey rental property, with a first project in Paris. His objective was to start building an estate for the future.

  • 191.000 €

    Total Budget
  • 12.000 €

    Annual rent
  • 6,26 %

    Rental yield

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The Project
Turnkey rental investment is one of the recommended solutions for to optimise profitability in the real estate sector. Our client wanted to embark on this project by carrying out a project in Paris intramuros. His objective was to gradually build up his assets an opportunity for him to plan for the long term and thus prepare for his future, and thus prepare for the future. In this project, our client already had a clear idea of what he needed. He wanted to He wanted to use his available savings to better prepare or secure his future. To do this, he decided to invest in real estate, in particular in renting out a property. of a property. In this case, the property was an old studio located next to the Bassin de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. de la Villette, in the 19th arrondissement of the Parisian city. This district offers various interests in terms of real estate investment. Firstly, it benefits from the fallout of the famous Grand Paris" project. Indeed, the client was right to choose this location to invest, as the district is becoming more attractive. is becoming increasingly attractive thanks to the rapid development of cultural and leisure facilities. and leisure facilities. The new "Rosa Parks" RER station is not to be outdone. In addition to these external settings the quality of the property. We have transformed the studio into a modern, designer one-bedroom apartment. With type of accommodation, our client can be more competitive on the market and have the guarantee to optimise the profitability of his project. Potential tenants will not be indifferent and the high demand be indifferent and the high rental demand offers our client the opportunity to to build up a portfolio. As a reminder, the "Grand Paris" project was initiated in 2007 under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, whose ambition is to transform Paris into a major metropolis of the 21st century. This will ensure that the agglomeration ranks among the competition of international megalopolises. megacities. This major project has three main components, namely the correction of territorial territorial inequalities, the improvement of the living environment of the inhabitants and the construction of a sustainable city. The 19th arrondissement is indeed one of the best locations for The 19th arrondissement is one of the best places to make a rental investment profitable. With a furnished and optimised T2 in Paris, you too can benefit from the interest You too can benefit from the interest generated by renting out this type of accommodation, which is so sought after by Parisians. In addition, this lively and cosmopolitan district stands out from the other arrondissements in Paris intramuros thanks to the possibility of acquiring a property there at cheaper prices. Particularly attracted by this opportunity, many first-time buyers come to to live there. They can take advantage of the more pleasant life of this district, with its shops and schools. There are also other attractions to discover, such as the festive interests of the district and its green spaces (park of Buttes-Chaumont). Parisians especially enjoy the country atmosphere on the banks of the Ourcq Canal.
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